Sunday, September 28, 2014

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with The Amazing Race

The reason I say this is because I not only watch the US version of the Amazing Race, I also watch the Canadian and Australian versions of the show.  I am able to watch the Canadian Version on the internet on CTV, which I am grateful for.  I have also seen several episodes of the Australia TAR on YouTube.  Unfortunately, the episodes stopped being posted a few weeks ago of the Australian one, so I can't see how it ended.

Of all of the seasons of the Amazing Race I have watched, I would have to say that my favorite ending was that of TAR Canada, Season II.  It just made me happy.  You will have to watch it yourselves and let me know if you agree.  There was one team on the race that was pretty dominant throughout the race, and I don't usually like that.  It isn't as exciting that way.  It was a female team, and the members were on the Olympic Canadian Hockey team.  They are definitely competitive.  I actually felt there were several likable teams on that Amazing Race Season.

On the other had, I am not really in love with any of the teams on this season of the (US version) Amazing Race.  I guess it is probably too early in the season to really know what the teams are like, though. I did appreciate that even though the team that won the latest leg did help out the other teams with how to use the compass (despite the fact that they seemed pretty arrogant in their interview early on in the episode).

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Beee said...

I will have to check out your suggested viewing list, if I remember. I do find the dentist team a bit arrogant and their teeth are a bit too white. I do like the shark bite victim team.