Thursday, July 14, 2011

I wish I were married to a handyman

So, I've been searching for homes again.  I found one I really liked, and I even put in an offer on it.  Here's the thing...someone else had put in an offer on it the same day as well.  Before I put the offer in, I learned that they were waiting for the house to go on the market and that they and their realtor had talked to the seller's personally.  So, I knew I probably wouldn't get the place.  And...I didn't.  I was glad in some ways and sad in others.  I don't know that a place like that will come up again, but I didn't want to pay the price they were asking, either.  The other couple apparently outbid me by quite a bit, and I didn't feel like I offered too much under the asking place.

Anyway, this brings me back to the handyman comment.  Why do I want to marry a handyman?  Well, right now it seems like almost all of the houses on the market are being snatched up quickly!  There are a few, however, that have been on the market for quite some time.  Some of them are at quite good prices, and I would make a bid on them, but they would require a little bit of renovation.  So, since I know nothing about those types of things, I would like to marry someone who did...someone who could make me some custom-built cabinets, lay flooring, frame walls.  You get the picture.  Also, someone who could teach me how to do those things, because I would love to learn how to do it myself.

PS - If you want to know what style of house I like, I prefer the craftsman style with the beautiful woodwork and the hardwood floors (I like laminate as well).  I don't mind carpet in some of the rooms.  I do NOT like carpet in bathrooms, dining rooms, or kitchens, though.  It just seems wrong.  You know what I mean?  What style of houses do you like?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Link to a Bucking Horse Sale story by CBS

This link shows the bucking horse sale from this year.  Hope your video quality was better than mine.