Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So, we had a staff meeting today, and it looks like my supervisor is going to on site to manage things until we finally have a new manager hired.  I think this will be wonderful!  Well, the first option was for him to try to get backing for me to be acting manager.  Thankfully, he came up with a second option.  It doesn't start right away, but I am burnt out trying to do several different roles, and not feeling successful at any of them.  Feeling fragmented and like I start several tasks and don't get hardly any of them finished.  I think this will also be helpful to the Activities Director who has been helping to fill in the gap in so many areas that we are lacking without having a manager on site.  Seriously, she and the social worker have been wonderful.  I think the staff have had some of the manager responsibilities fall to them as well, which really isn't fair.  They were great for so long, but it really is wearing on everybody (myself definitely included).  I'm hoping it will definitely take some pressure off me and that I will be able to be successful at what I was hired to do (which, incidentally, is not to attend every committee meeting that exists just because no one wants to and I am the one with the consistent schedule that they can count on being at every meeting).  I think I'm on at least 10 committees.  Maybe things at work will improve after all.  Only time will tell.