Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Marilyn Monroe Moment

Yesterday morning as I chose which dress to wear, I forgot to take into account that it was slightly windy weather outside, and apparently certain dresses and skirts are more affected by windy conditions by others. I didn't really have any problems until I got down into DC, and then my skirt started blowing all around. I kept it under control pretty well, I think, but it was annoying. After a while the breeze had died down a bit and I totally forgot about my dress and skirt - it was nice.
Then, as my roommate Crystal and I were walking along, unbeknownst to me (mostly because I wasn't paying attention) we walked over one of the metro vents. Crystal hadn't been having much trouble with her skirt, but then I saw her grabbing for it when it started to fly up. Then, it clicked in my mind, that if her skirt was doing that...well, mine probably was too. So, I held onto my skirt as I rushed off the vent. I really don't know how much was exposed, but Crystal said a fair amount, and that my slip had also been caught up by the breeze. Great. The worst part was that the vent happened to be right in front of a cafe that had outdoor seating. Yes, I'm pretty sure some of the customers saw, because we had to walk past the cafe again (I avoided the vent) on our way back, and people were definitely staring at us in the "those are the girls whose dresses were flying up" kinda way. Maybe a few were even hoping for a repeat. I was smart this time, though, and avoided the vent AND held on to my skirt.

Here is a link on how to avoid the mishap, although it mostly deals with choosing the correct skirt or dress:

How to keep a skirt from flying up in windy weather