Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's Cooking Experiment

Being that I like chocolate chip cookies (and avoiding homework), but also trying to be somewhat health conscious, today I started a chocolate chip cookie cooking experiment. What I am planning on doing is gradually substituting ingredients with slightly healthier ingredients and see if the taste is acceptable. Today was step one of the experiment. For this step of the experiment, I substituted the butter/margarine and vanilla with Light Vanilla Yogurt. It was better than the applesauce variant I tried in the past. The cookies were fluffier (which I like), and the taste of the dough and cookie is a bit different, but not too much different. I did add a little extra flour, and I didn't have quite enough yogurt on hand, so I did you a little butter. The plan for the next time I make the cookies: no margarine/butter (all yogurt), and try using only egg whites. I figger than due to the consistency of the yogurt, egg whites may not actually be necessary. Ideas after that include substituting the white sugar with brown sugar, and white flour with whole wheat flour and oatmeal. Feel free to experiment along with me, or let me know of experiments you have tried in the past that have worked great (or not so great).

For example, my brother and I once put red food coloring in a recipe that had hamburger in it. Most of the rest of the family wouldn't try it for soe strange reason (I think they said the meat looked raw), so that meant more for the two of us. So, depending on how you look at it, that experiment was a success.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A fresh start, once again

So, I've decided it's time for a fresh start in my life. Before this point, I was just thinking, um.. I'll just start after I graduate from school and leave Maryland. However, recent events, including General Conference have caused me to reconsider. My goals of my posts for the next while are going to focus on re-discovering and re-defining myself.

For the first time in a long time (or maybe the first time ever), I've been thinking about some of my life goals. I used to kinda be afraid of letting people know how nerdy I am, but I don't really care anymore. Instead, I am now going to embrace my nerdiness. In addition, I used to ask questions all of the time, and I stopped that, because I felt like it annoyed people, but I'm going to start asking questions again, and I'm going to start experimenting a little more. Also, I like board games -- especially Beyond Balderdash. And I like puzzles. I've watched a lot of movies over the past few years, but honestly, I'm not really a huge movie fan. Movies are just a way to pass time.

In general, I'm going to start living life, rather than just living in life. I'm sure I'll have my ups and downs, but if I make the goals, hopefully there will be something to help keep me on track. Also, beware, I'm going to give some of my opinions, including the negative ones, or the ones people don't like hearing. For example, I am going to finish nursing school, but I still don't know about the whole medical thing in general, maybe I'll go into healthcare, maybe I won't...There are a world of possibilities for life in my mind right now. Also, if anyone would like to make comments about what they like about the old/current Amanda and would not like to see her change, please feel free to post.

Finally, I'd like to thank family and friends for being there for me over these past few years even though I've been a bit of a downer. Particular thanks to my parents, siblings, Elizabeth, Sue and Les, Heidi, Lauren, Crystal, and Teresa. And I'm sorry if I've forgotten any of the other main ones, as I really may have.

And yes, I should be in class right now instead of writing my blog, but I put my keys in Crystal's purse yesterday so I wouldn't accidentally leave them at the church, and instead I accidently left them in her purse, way to get to school.