Monday, December 7, 2009

FHE Conversation

So, tonight I was at FHE and I had the following conversation (and thoughts).

Person 1: Hi. I don't think I know you. What's your name?
Me: Amanda. What's your name?
Person 1: Person 1*
Me: Hi., Person 1.

a few minutes pass...

Person 1: Amanda, did you watch the Alabama game?
Me: (weird look on my face, kinda random question to ask someone). Yes, but I liked the Texas game better
Person 1: Oh.
Me: Did you watch the Alabama game?
Person 1: No. I think you watched the game at my house, though.
Me: (Hmm, I don't remember seeing him at the house, and there were only 5 people there). Were you there?
Person 1: No. I was at the Ward activity.
Me: (Hmm, well I definitely left the house before the ward activity ended...)