Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When one door doesn't close, another door doesn't open

So, the past little bit, I have not had the greatest luck with doors.  A few examples:

1.  In my last post, I already mentioned that the door going into the basement bedroom was too large and a different door had to be special ordered.

2.  A couple weeks ago, my seat belt ecame caught in the door.  I was trying to jerk the door open, and I pulled too hard on the handle, so my door driver's side door no longer opens from the outside.  I was going to get someone to fix it, but decided to wait until after my vacation.  In the meantime I was using the passenger side door to open the driver's side door from the inside.

3.  When I went to open my passenger side door this morning, everything went fine.  When I went to close it, it decided it didn't want to close.  After a call to my brother and some time with a screwdriver, I was finally able to get it to close and catch BUT when I left work this evening, when I went to close the door - no luck.  Several coworkers tried to help, and in the end they just rigged something up that would keep the door from flying open on my drive home. (Maybe the catch just needs a little WD40? Being that is snowed today and it is forecasted to snow tomorrow, I decided I would park in the garage, in case the passenger door decided to come open...

4.  As I was leaving the garage, I pulled the garage door closed.  Apparently I pulled it closed tightly.  I realized I had forgotten something in my car, and tried to get back in the garage and... no luck - it is frozen or swollen or something.  This happened a few weeks ago, and a few days or weeks later when I tried to open it, I was able to do so, but I tried a few times in between with no luck.  (Maybe some WD40 would help in this situation too??  Maybe I should just get a new door?) 

So, I am leaving on vacation in a few days.  I need the car door to close before that.  Due to the garage door not opening, I can't get to my car to take it to the shop. (On top of that I may have to walk to and from work in the cold).

Better luck tomorrow, hopefully.


Moo said...

Hair Dryer?

Marissa said...

Yeah, you definitely have not been having luck with doors. From the e-mails dad has been sending, it looks like you made it to Australia and have been having lots of fun. I guess that means a few of the doors decided to work for you.