Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random Thoughts and Happenings from this weekend

This weekend was the Bucking Horse Sale (BHS) in Miles City. I did not attend the actual sale this year.  Not enough rain for my tastes :).  I did attend some of the events surrounding the sale, however.  I started the morning out by watching the parade.  Many of the vets went and watched it as well, so I found them and sat with them.  It was as enjoyable as a parade can be, I guess (I'm not a huge parade fan).  I was a bit chilly, however.

When the parade finished I headed down to the food vendors and bought myself an "Indian tace" (what we call a "Navajo taco" at home.  Then I meandered my way down to the fair grounds and took in the sheep shearing contest.  My sister asked me if I saw any good looking cowboys at the BHS this weekend, and my answer was that I really wasn't paying too much attention. The sheep-shearers in my opinion, were not very good looking, though.  Now that I come to think of it, though, there was a pretty good-looking audience member at the sheep shearing competition.  It's interesting to watch the sheep-shearing technique.  I did learn some random facts, as well.  There are six professional level sheep shearing contests in the United States: the one at the BHS in Miles City, the nationals in Rapid City South Dakota, and 4 others (I forgot where they were at).

I have included a link of a video/picture montage of the Bucking Horse sale festivities here.  No, I am not responsible for any part of the presentation nor do I know who did create it, but I thought it was good enough to link to.  As I watched the video myself, I still think the best part is the wild horse races.  I wish a person could buy a ticket to just that portion of the sale.  You can see portions of the wild horse races at 0:36, 1:11 - 1:21, 2:42 - 2:53.  And Liza B, the background music is from a Bon Jovi song, so I know you'll want to watch it.  Hopefully no one is disappointed that I chose to forgo the street dancing both Friday and Saturday night.  As you can see from the pictures, though, there is a lot of drinking that goes on at those events.

I will also include a link back to my post from last year here.  It gives a bit more information about what a wild horse race is.  Also, if you click on the Bucking Horse Sale link at the beginning of the post, you will get a link to a story CBS did on the Bucking Horse Sale.

At a break in the sheep shearing contest I did go and buy fried Oreos.  After the sheep-shearing contest I went home.  I then went and took a look at a couch and loveseat and bought it for my place.  The people I bought it from were nice enough to deliver it, and my neighbor was nice enough to help the male half of the delivery crew carry it into the house...and it was a bit of a process.  The neighbor was just outside and saw them struggling to carry the loveseat, and asked if they needed help (now, I would have helped, but a minute before the woman had handed me all the legs to the furniture and my brain wasn't working too fast (I could have run them into the house and come back).  Also, for those of you wondering, no the neighbor is not single.

In the end, the furniture barely squeezed through the doorway (after the door was removed from the hinges).  During the process I learned something new - it is so much easier to remove doors with old-fashioned hinges.  It's wonderful!  I only wonder - who decided to change door hinges and why?

I did take a picture of the furniture to download for your viewing pleasure, however I can't seem to find the cord that connect the camera to the computer at the moment.

On top of the BHS, this weekend was also the Preakness.  I did not watch it. When I saw online, however, that "I'll Have Another" won, I instantly thought of calling my cousin.  Funnily, she called me about it.  It was great talking to her.  Are we going to have a Triple Crown winner.  I don't know, but I'll have another triple crown winner :). 


Moo said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you had lots of fun this weekend.

Loo said...

I'm excited to see your new furniture. Sounds like you are getting good at finding good deals.